A true music collective, run by artist, for artists.

We aim to educate and empower songwriters, introducing them to international audiences through Innovative marketing and distribution strategies. Our fresh approach to the business of music encourages and rewards collaboration, Building bridges between story, song, musician and audience.  We want to boost the work of great artists bringing them opportunities to earn revenues from their music on a global scale.



Andromeda Artisans was formed after a chance meeting between start up business consultant and part time musician Sundarajan Mutialu, Orange County, California and songwriter artisan Mark Ponsonby (Donegal, Ireland).

“Sundarajan invited me to get in touch if I wanted to look into having my music distributed in the USA.  After some lengthy telephone conversations I flew out to LA for a week in 2013 to meet with Sundarajan and brainstorm the idea of putting together a music related business. It began with the notion that I could make some roads into getting my own music out to new territories but then morphed into the idea of helping other artists also get their music out to new international markets.  From that trip, Andromeda Artisans was born.”
“At the heart of my passion for music comes people, travel and experiences.  To continue to succeed in the business of music this collective will assist artists in reaching their full potential.  When artists work together collectively towards a common goal it creates an extremely synergistic force. I have always worked and helped other musicians throughout my own career, whether it was for advice, contacts or even referrals to other promoters and agencies in Ireland and abroad. When I approached the other artists in our business they knew that they had worked with me before in many ways and trusted the vision I had when I put together Andromeda Artisans.”

Mark Ponsonby – Co Founder & President Andromeda Artisans

We want to share our stories with you.  We want you to be a part of our vision.  Take a look around, leave us a comment ,  and join our mailing list to find out more information about us and our artists.


CEO – Mark Ponsonby
Chairman – Sundarajan Mutialu
Company Secretary – Kathryn O’ Callaghan


Johnny Gallagher
Jason Black
Tommy Callaghan
Declan MccClafferty
Aidan McClafferty


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